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Professional manufacturer of power inverter, automatic voltage regulators, UPS, solar charge controllers.

With a perseverant concentration in voltage regulator and automatic voltage regulator a profound understanding of manufacturing and a deep awareness of the importance of product quality and reliability, we are confident of our ability to support your requirements by providing the highest quality and reliable products, delivered on time, and at competitive prices.


UPS battery capacity calculation and battery configuration

The battery is an important part of the UPS system, and its quality is directly related to the reliability of the entire UPS system. The correct choice of UPS backup battery capacity is also vital ...


Why Is MPPT Solar Controller Better Than the PWM

Anyone who knows the solar controller knows that the controller can be divided into two types: MPPT solar controller and PWM solar controller. Of course, there are many more subdivided types. Today...

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Classic MPPT Solar charge controller eSmart3 Series

Classic MPPT Solar charge controller eSmart3 Series

00The full name of MPPT controller is “maximum power point tracking” solar controller...

48V to 220V power inverters PI Series

48V to 220V power inverters PI Series

Integrated PCBA board: assembled with copper high frequency transformers, high capacity electroly...

24V to 12V DC to DC converter

24V to 12V DC to DC converter

1. High quality anodized aluminum profile enclosure, customized design to fit the internal power ...

auto recognition smart battery charger

12V auto recognition smart battery charger

This AC to DC battery charger is designed based on the advanced integrated high frequency multist...

Customer evaluation

The inverter has good interchangeability. In terms of structure, the components are easy to disassemble and replace, have good maintainability, and provide good after-sales service.

Its inverter has the functions of over-current protection and short-circuit protection. It is small in size, convenient for me to place it at will, and the sound during work is small and will not be affected.

A good inverter outputs AC power with high quality and good stability, which is conducive to the use efficiency of the inverter and the life and property safety of users. This is the product I most want to recommend so far.