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UPS battery capacity calculation and battery configuration

The battery is an important part of the UPS system, and its quality is directly related to the reliability of the entire UPS system. The correct choice of UPS backup battery capacity is also vital to the normal operation of the UPS system. Excessive battery capacity selection causes a waste of investment. A small-capacity selection not only fails to meet the UPS backup time, causing safety acci...

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Why Is MPPT Solar Controller Better Than the PWM

Anyone who knows the solar controller knows that the controller can be divided into two types: MPPT solar controller and PWM solar controller. Of course, there are many more subdivided types. Today I will briefly talk about the difference between the two. So what is the difference between the MPPT solar controller and the PWM controller? Simply put it literally, they are all controllers, but th...

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Automatic Voltage Regulator | What Happens If It Fails?

It’s a fact that a voltage regulator has a number of purposes. This device can be used in electronic circuits and is used in electrical equipment for safety and efficiency. It controls the amount of power that enters into the circuit. If the voltage regulator fails then it will affect the function of this device. As mentioned above the voltage regulator is required for the purpose of r...

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